THIS was the scene when firefighters rescued an 18-year-old horse that was trapped in five feet of mud while grazing in a field in Lymm yesterday.

Firefighters from Stockton Heath and the animal rescue unit at Knutsford Fire Station rushed to the scene at 12.40pm to help free the 14.2 hand high Palomina mare named Nymph.

The horse needed to be sedated by the vet before crews could attempt to rescue her.

It was a joint effort after staff from the farm dug a ramp before the rescue team put straps around the horse’s body to pull her safety.

Nymph's owner, Tracy Clough from Lymm, said: "I can't thank the emergency services enough. It's not until you need something so urgently that you realise how amazing they are.

"All of them were not only brilliant at their jobs but they were so understanding and kind at what was a really traumatic time. I simply can't thank them enough."

It is understood that Nymph has not suffered as a result of the ordeal but it still being monitored by vets.

Stockton Heath Watch manager Mark Pollard said: "It was a lengthy rescue but once we got Nymph out of the mud she was soon back on her hooves and, apart from needing a good bath, seemed none the worse for her experience."