IF you have just got in from work, here’s what got the town talking today on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

The morning kicked off with Warrington Wolves fans’ reaction to the news Chris Riley is unlikely to return to the club this season with one fan joking sales of factor 50 would be ‘going through the roof’ if rumours are true about the ginger winger moving to Catalan.

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Warrington Guardian: 19 Chris Riley 22/2/88

Facebook fans also debated over new antibiotic warnings.

Warrington's GPs have backed the Prime Minister’s call for action and warned people will 'start dying from routine infections' if a growing resistance to antibiotics is not addressed.

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Warrington Guardian:

Disgust was expressed by many after we reported a Great Sankey nine-year-old’s birthday money had been stolen with plenty of you sharing and retweeting our story to help catch the heartless thieves.

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Warrington Guardian: POLICE in Atherton want your help in tackling crime.

A video of pupils at St Barnabas CE Primary School helping their head teacher Penny Johnson celebrate her 60th birthday should put a smile on your face. 

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And we rounded things off with many of you passing on your best wishes via Facebook to Appleton diamond wedding couple Tony and Audrey Farmer who celebrate 60 years of marriage today.

Congratulations to you both!

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Stay tuned this evening for our live blog as councillors examine the decision to close Stockton Heath Recycling Centre during a special meeting at the Town Hall.