PRIESTLEY College joined forces with Solvay to inspire future scientists.

Youngsters from Sir Thomas Boteler and St Gregory’s high schools as well as the Beamont Collegiate Academy took part in the company’s third annual conference at the Loushers Lane college.

As well as meeting Solvay experts they also got to see how college laboratories work and tackled a maths quiz as part of the science fair focusing on green energy and sustainability.

Priestley tutor Shahida Khanam, who organised the event, said: “It was an opportunity for us and for the pupils to interact with local industry.”

Naomi Smith from Jodrell Bank discussed atoms and the universe, while pupils also tried their hand at building waterwheels.

“Ernest Solvay was passionate about science and we see this conference as a way of continuing his legacy," said Martin Griffiths from Solvay. “We are not looking at this from Solvay’s point of view, but to inspire young people to provide future scientific developments which will benefit society at large.”

Mayor of Warrington Clr Ted Finnegan, who worked in engineering, was on hand too and told youngsters: “I’d like to see as many of you as possible getting those top degrees so you will be of interest to the employers working in these technical areas.”