NUISANCE tenants have been facing court action as Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) look at new ways to tackle the problem.

The trust has been gaining orders including in one case getting a tenant evicted in Culcheth for anti-social behaviour who had been blighting neighbours lives.

An anti-social behaviour injunction was also handed out to one tenant living at Eagle Mount, Wilderspool, following complaints which has placed a number of restrictions on them.

And suspended possession orders stopping tenants from keeping more than one pet or creating a nuisance for others have been handed out to tenants in both Ullswater Avenue and Festival Crescent in Orford.

A GGHT spokesman said: “The successful eviction and tough court action should send out a clear message to anyone else thinking of misbehaving that GGHT will not stand for this.

“We are committed to working with all perpetrators to help them change their behaviour but if they fail to do this we will pursue them in the strongest means possible under the law.”

Anti-social behaviour problems can be reported in confidence to 0800 252627.