WALKING in to a happy marriage was always easy for Maynard Glover.

She and husband Ron celebrate 60 years of wedded bliss today, Thursday, and their big day is always tied in with one of Warrington’s biggest tradition - walking day.

Maynard said: “I took part in walking day for Warrington Parish Church the day before we got married there and I’ve taken part every year since then including last Friday.”

Ron, aged 84 and Maynard, aged 81 first met when they were teenagers.

Maynard added: “There was a cobblers shop where the Postern Gate now is and I lived in Rose and Crown Street. I used to run in to take my shoes to be mended and that’s how we met.

“I used to ride past the shop on my way to work and me and Ron used to meet up for lunch.

“He went off to do his national service and when he came back we got married.”

On their wedding day itself Ron can still remember hanging around the church yard with the bells ringing as the bride who was due to marry half an hour before them took some time to finally show up.

Ron went on to open his own store on Cairo Street - Ron Glover Shoe Repair - and the couple settled at King Edward Street with their children Ian and Ena.

They will celebrate this weekend with their family including two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

And their secret to a happy marriage?

Maynard said: “Never go to be on an argument, give and take and what belongs to my husband belongs to me.”