IT has been a difficult couple of years for mum of two Alison McGhee but now she is learning to live her life again after Home-Start Warrington helped her to deal with the stresses and strains of motherhood.

The 27-year-old, of Poplars Avenue, Orford, found that she was struggling to cope following the birth of her two children, Connor, aged three, and Brooklyn, aged one.

She said: “I got in touch with Home-Start just after I found out that my little boy, Connor, had autism. Before it was hard to get things done and I didn’t like to leave the house and go to groups as I didn’t have any confidence.”

But it was after her sister recommended the Warrington Guardian’s charity of the month, Home-Start Warrington, to Alison that she plucked up the courage to make that all-important call.

For the past three years, Alison has been helped by two Home-Start Warrington volunteers, who have not only provided an extra pair of hands to take care of everyday chores but also helped to instil some confidence back into her and give her the boost she desperately needed.

“Things are so much better now and Connor is doing much better too. He didn’t used to be able to speak but he’s been able to say a couple of words,” she said.

“I’m getting out a lot more and I’m not nervous about attending groups.”

Jenn Jones, who signed up to Home-Start Warrington in 2011, described her worked as a volunteer as ‘rewarding’.

The mum of three from Padgate said: “I really enjoy it and I just like to see the children happy. Alison is really appreciative of everything I do.”

Home-Start Warrington was set up to provide help to families in need in the town to tackle a range of problems from isolation and depression to addiction and illness.

Visit or call 652320.