AS the town celebrates Warrington Walking Day, we look at the top 10 things that make the day what it is.

And the things we remember most about walking day.

1 The rain

It seems that no matter what the weather is like before or after, there is always a shower waiting for walking day.

Warrington Guardian:

2 The bands

You can always hear the procession before you see it. And when else in the year do you get to hear such a collection of brass bands?

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3 The pennies

Be honest, what could beat having someone you know run out from the crowd and give you some pennies for the fair later that afternoon? With inflation, mayeb it is 50ps now...

Warrington Guardian: The One Penny Coin

4 The fair

Speaking of which, the fair on Orford Park or Victoria Park was always a real highlight of the weekend.

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5 The day off

Most businesses stopped closing decades ago and now even most of the schools in Warrington stay open. But walking day was like that extra bank holiday you never had in the summer

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6 Novelty balloons

Your mum would probably never buy you one but who didn't dream of a Thomas the Tank Engine shaped balloon on walking day?

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7 A pint

It is tiring work watching all those people walk past. What time do the pubs open...?

Warrington Guardian: Drinking one pint of beer everyday may increase cancer risk

8 The history

Set up in the 1830s, there aren't many things in Warrington which have stood the test of time in the way walking day has - here's to the next 180 years

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9 The sun

We're staying hopeful but sometimes the sun does come out on walking day!

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10 The end of the walk

By the time you had walked to town, round town, and then back again you'd had quite enough of walking. And there would normally be some takeaway to tuck into

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