HE has earned his reputation as one of the toughest rugby league has to offer, but off the pitch Ben Westwood reveals he has a deep-seated fear of... mushrooms!

The 6ft 2in forward, who has made over 300 appearances for the Wolves, admitted to his longstanding fear at an event hosted by Warrington-born Sky Sports presenter Angela Powers.

His admission, unsurprisingly, took guests by surprise as Angela quizzed 'Super Ben' on his peculiar phobia, known as Mycophobia.

Westwood said: "It's the idea of eating fungus that makes me feel queasy.

"I've got it under control though - I can be in the same room as them now."

The England international was the star guest at the event, Come Dine with Ben, which is the first in a series to be held by Angela's Rugby League Association.

The events, which have been organised in a bid to get women closer to rugby league, will invite guests to vote for their top woman player, supporter and volunteer.

Angela said: "We know that our sport is loved by men and women, and the response to this event confirmed that.

"Tickets sold out well in advance and guests loved being given the chance to talk to a sporting hero in a small, intimate setting.

"We hope that those who came will bring their friends next time and then they'll want to go and see those sports stars in action."

Her Rugby League Association is now set to attend the Tom Sephton memorial trophy day at Crossfields on Saturday, June 28 and will also sponsor the inaugural women's game for the Hilary Steel memorial plate.