A CANNABIS smoker who dealt drugs to his friends has turned his life around a court heard.

Cameron Heywood, aged 22, of Allen Avenue, Culcheth, was found with a quantity of cannabis when police raided his home on February 25 along with scales and snap bags.

Matthew Dunford, prosecuting, said: “In interview he made full admissions to being involved in the supply of cannabis.

“He said he bought an ounce each Friday for £20 on pay day and three quarters of it he smoked himself and the other quarter sold to friends.

“He said he was selling to about 20 friends and had been doing so for two to three months.”

Warrington Crown Court heard how he had smoked cannabis since he was 16 and was not under pressure from anyone else to sell the drugs.

His conviction also meant he was in breach of an eight month suspended sentence for dangerous driving in February 2012.

John Banasko, defending, said Heywood had turned to the drug after enduring hard times.

The court heard how his partner was expecting a baby and he had sought help with his drug use.

Mr Recorder John Bromley Davenport handed him a 20 week prison sentence, suspended for two years, a 12 month supervision order and a 12 month drug rehabilitation programme as well as completing 120 hours unpaid work.

Mr Davenport also ruled the breach of suspended sentence would receive an eight month sentence, suspended for two years.