A CHARITY worker, whose bike was a ‘happy memory’ of her deceased husband, had it stolen while she was collecting money for cancer aid.

Victim Claire Prach volunteers at John Holt Cancer Foundation, Palmyra Square, three days a week.

Her Canadian Trek mountain bike, which she uses to get to work, was stolen while she was out organising a bucket collection.

The bike belonged to husband David, who died 15 years ago after going in hospital with chest pains, and developing pneumonia in both lungs.

She said: “It’s one of the few things I have left of his, and that upset me more than most things.

“Riding the bike was a nice way to think of him.

“It was a happy memory because he used to enjoy it.”

Claire, who has worked for the charity for three years, said she burst into tears when she realised the bike had been stolen.

It was taken from the back of the charity shop, with thieves getting past a padlocked gate.

“Apart from the fact that nobody has the right to steal from anybody else, it really upset me.

“I go out and help at weekends as well as working in the week at the charity, and the bike was stolen while I was trying to collect some money to make the charity work.

“I got back to the gate and it was gone - I just started crying. It was horrible.

“I don’t think people really know the impact that stealing has on people.

“I’m angry more than anything.”

Claire says the bike is orange in colour, with white and silver markings.

It was taken between 12.30pm and 4.30pm on Saturday, June 14.

Claire is appealing for help in returning the bike. “I just want it back,” she added.

The incident has been reported to Cheshire Police. Anyone with information can call 101.