HAVE your neighbours offered to throw a shrimp on the barbie or perhaps greet you in the morning with a ‘G’day’.

If they do, you will not feel like a flamin’ galah to learn there are more Australians than any other nationality, excluding England, living in the town and involved in this year’s World Cup.

More than 200 Aussies call Warrington home, according to National Insurance number Department of Work and Pensions statistics, alongside residents from 24 other countries at this summer’s tournament.

Warrington Wolves star Joel Monaghan said he was surprised by the figures but there were similarities between his home city Canberra in Australia and Warrington including the weather.

He added: “I haven’t met that many Australians so I think I’m going to have to start walking around with the flag and striking up some conversations.

“It’s a pretty friendly town and I know all the Australian players have enjoyed it here.

“In Canberra we can get snow in the winter but the summers here can be shorter which doesn’t bother me too much especially being a red head.

“I’ll take snow any day!”

The prolific try scorer moved to the north west in 2011 and admits he was not a fan of the Australian football team, nicknamed the Socceroos, until they beat Japan 3-1 in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

He added: “I was living in Sydney at the time and it was massive.

“The games were on at night and everyone in the city was watching them and I bought a Socceroos shirt off the street.

“Tim Cahill was king that year.

“It made it a big deal for the country and there was a lot of players coming over for the A-League.

“It’s a shame we couldn’t get the World Cup in 2022 but we’ve got our fingers crossed for the new generation this year and hope they do well.”

Australia, France and Spain top our Warrington World Cup table but it would look a lot different if countries including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and India had qualified with more than 7,500 people in total supporting those nations currently living in Warrington.

Eight countries in this year’s World Cup will have nobody supporting them in Warrington including Croatia, the Ivory Coast and Costa Rica.

But residents should look out for the five Mexican, Chile and Honduras fans who will be flying the flag for their country in the town.

Warrington World Cup table.

Top 10 nationalities involved in the 2014 World Cup and living in Warrington:

1. Australia: 224

Warrington Guardian: Keeper Graham Chilton with Australian kangaroo and Herefordshire apples.

2. France: 160

Warrington Guardian: FAMOUS LANDMARK: The Eiffel tower, in Paris, France

3. Spain: 147

Warrington Guardian: I’m finding the bullfighting scene a real challenge... I play the matador and the bull!

4. Germany: 141

Warrington Guardian: Trowbridge Twinning Society members John Knight and John Beresford, back row, with Trish Carpenter, Caron Collins and Gill Knight in the traditional German dress they will be wearing on their beer garden-themed float

5. Portugal: 112

Warrington Guardian:

6: USA: 103

Warrington Guardian: Krispy Kreme is giving away Americano coffees decorated with Barack Obama's face

7: Italy: 98

Warrington Guardian: Char-grilled Chicken, Penne Pasta and Five Vegetable Sauce

8: Nigeria: 77

Warrington Guardian: Nigeria

9: Greece: 31

Warrington Guardian: Image for GREEK LESSONS

10: Russia: 27

Warrington Guardian: Church of the Savior on Blood in St Petersburg

Are you supporting a country other than England this World Cup?

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