DOMESTIC violence victims might not be able to get the help they need due to a rise in numbers during the World Cup says Helen Jones MP.

The Warrington North MP spoke out as statistics show a spike in domestic violence cases at the same time as the football tournament.

Ms Jones, who is also a shadow home office minister, said police number cuts and diminished domestic abuse services more people would struggle to get support.

The Labour MP said: “The vast majority of football fans are law-abiding citizens who would not dream of using violence or abuse towards anybody. Unfortunately, there are a minority casting a shadow over what should be a time of sporting celebration.

“During the last World Cup, domestic violence shot up by about a third each time England played.”
Cheshire Police are putting more officers on the street and paying known domestic abusers a visit to warn of the repercussions if they offend again.

“It’s wonderful to see that Cheshire Police are setting the precedent and taking a proactive approach,” added Ms Jones. “Yet in many parts of the country the Government’s actions mean we’ve lost specialist domestic abuse police officers and fewer offenders are prosecuted. I have serious concerns about where this will leave victims.”