A GREAT Sankey woman has turned a Facebook page originally meant for just ‘fun and games’ into a place to fundraise for the family of a man killed at Parklife festival in Manchester.

Robert Hart, aged 26, died last Wednesday after being assaulted in front of the main stage.

Hayleigh Ritchings started her page Parklife 2014 Fails, which was meant to be a place to share funny pictures and videos of people at the festival, earlier in June.

But after the sad news of Robert’s death spread, her page shot from five likes to 17,000 in four days leading to her setting up a fundraising site.

She added: “I went to the festival and had the time of my life - unfortunately it wasn't quite the same for Robert.

“When I heard the sad news about Robert’s passing I wanted to do something to help and realised if everyone who had liked the page could donate 50p to £1 we could help raise money for Robert’s family for either a reward fund (to find his attacker), funeral costs or a nice memorial.

“Festivals are meant to be the time we all come together and enjoy the music. Now is the time to pull together for our fellow raver.”

So far the page has raised £1,660.

To donate, visit youcaring.com/other/raising-money-for-roberts-family/190763.