THIS June we are looking at the work of Brainwave - our charity of the month.

Based in Birchwood, it is celebrating its fifth birthday in the town in October.

This week we look at one of the children getting helped there.

NICOLA McIndoe is just like every other mum.

Her and son Ewan Langley, aged three-and-a-half, enjoy spending time together, horse riding and Ewan is now in nursery.

Where she is a little different is that seeing Ewan splash in the bath or reach for a hot cup of tea is a source of joy - not annoyance.

The pair have been coming to Brainwave since they moved back to Warrington from Portsmouth shortly after he was born with a form of cerebral palsy.

And they have not looked back since.

“The other day he reached for a cup of tea and I had to move it out of his reach.

“I have never had to do that before and it was lovely to tell everyone we had to do that - or explain that he was kicking in the bath,” she said.

A chocolate fan and lover of jigsaws, Ewan does not stop smiling when we chat at Brainwave’s base in Birchwood.

Nicola explained that the centre has been crucial in his development - which has acclerated since they were given a programme, She added: “When you are busy it can be very difficult to find time for all the extra stuff that is so important.

“Having Brainwave means there is someone to do that organising. It is a huge help.

“They are very structured and that is so important because having a child with a disability can be very unstructured.

“And they are so experienced that you know the information and advice they give you will work.”

Ewan also has treatment elsewhere and follows a programme set up for him by the physios at Brainwave.

“It is difficult having a disabled child. You have to plan everything.

“A trip to the park is not just a trip to the park because of all the things you need to take with you.”

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NEXT WEEK: We look at what the next five years will mean for the charity.