POLICE bosses have said more officers will be on the streets of Warrington with disorder and domestic violence expected to rise during the World Cup - especially if England lose.

DI Nigel Wenham, of Cheshire Police, said attacks on loved ones were shown to have nearly doubled during the last World Cup in 2010.

He agreed the risk of ‘men, women and children’ falling victim to violence by a relative, partner, or friend, is likely to increase if England are beaten.

“A lot of it will be down to an increase in alcohol consumption,” he said.

“Because certain individuals are so passionate about the football, they can become more emotional, and they may become more enraged and angry because of the circumstances.

“Individuals will take anger and frustration out on someone who’s very close to them.

“In a lot of these circumstances it’s someone living in the same household.

“The violence and abuse is unacceptable.

Late kick off times could also play a role in drink-related violence.

England begin their World Cup campaign against Italy in Manaus on Saturday. Kick off is set for 11pm GMT.

“That is no excuse,” said DI Wenham.

“At the end of the day it is a football match.”

In order to tackle the expected rise in domestic violence, police are taking a ‘proactive’ approach, as part of Operation Brazil.

It will see officers speak to known ‘high risk’ offenders, to warn them about their behaviour during the tournament.

“We believe individuals can be deterred from committing crime,” said DI Wenham.

“We hope victims will feel more assured, that we can safeguard victims, and their children.”

The detective inspector added police will also come down hard on anyone guilty of World Cup violence.

He added: “If anyone has been subjected to abuse, or violent behaviour, call 999.

“We will be increasing our police presence throughout the campaign, with more officers on the streets during England matches, and other key matches.”


OPERATION Brazil - not England’s mission to win the World Cup, but the campaign by Cheshire Police to deal with any trouble stemming from it.

Patrols in Warrington night time hotspots like Bridge Street will be increased during busy games.

Chf Sup Sarah Boycott, who is leading the operation, said “Specialist officers will be working after every England match to deal with any domestic abuse incidents − and to provide support to victims alongside the independent domestic violence advocacy team.

"Other areas such as drink driving and anti-social behaviour also tend to see an increase, which leads to further demand on the force. As part of the planning for Operation Brazil we have allocated additional officers to work in every Neighbourhood Policing Unit across the force to ensure we are able to respond to that demand − and to provide vital reassurance to our local communities.

"We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable World Cup − please remember to act responsibility and to be respectful towards other people."

And it is not just in the pub police expect to find problems during the World Cup - but on the roads as well.

Cheshire Police has launched a crack down on drink driving as part of Operation Brazil.

Road patrols will be increased around Warrington to catch anyone behind the wheel who has been drinking alcohol.

Roads Policing Inspector Richard Hill said: "We′re advising fans who are planning to go out and have a drink whilst they watch the match to look at walking, taking a taxi or nominating a designated driver amongst their friends.

"Whilst we want people to enjoy themselves during the World Cup, we are urging both drivers and passengers to take responsibility for their own road safety by making the right choice - the safer choice.

"We are also keen to remind people to consider how long it actually takes for their bodies to remove the alcohol.

“This is particularly pertinent with some of the late matches in this year′s World Cup.

“Many people do not realise how long it actually takes for their body to process alcohol.

“If you drink the night before and drive the following day you might still be over the limit."

To report any emergencies during the World Cup call 999.

If you suspect someone of drink driving, call 101.