GROOM Eugenio Siano decided to take a step back from wedding planning to give his wife-to-be Jane Clayton the full reign to organise her dream wedding but there was one condition.

The evening’s entertainment at the couple’s wedding today would make room for a TV playing the England v Italy World Cup match.

As the two teams clash on the pitch, life-long football fan Eugenio, aged 47, who moved from Italy to England 20 years ago, and Jane, aged 41, will be celebrating their first few hours of wedded bliss.

But, unfortunately for Jane, football has always had the knack to turn Eugenio’s smile upside down.

“He’s a huge football fan and always has been. He asked me the other day whether the wedding starts at 2pm. It doesn’t it starts at 3pm but I bet if I asked him what time the match starts he would know,” laughed the mum of two.

The AC Milan fan could not bring himself to miss his beloved team’s first match but Jane knows only too well that his love of football is too strong of a bond to break - even on their wedding day.

“Our first date eight years ago was actually at his brother’s house on the Monday and we watched Italy play in the World Cup. I should have known then that this was going to happen,” joked Jane.

Italy went on to be crowned victorious in the 2006 games and, eight years later, Eugenio is hoping his national team will enjoy the same fortune.

But despite the inevitable sulking from Eugenio if Italy loses, Jane will still be backing her home team for the glory.

“He will be rooting for Italy but as I will have to put up with football on my wedding day I’m hoping England will win,” said Jane.

The happy couple met in 2006 after a friend arranged a meeting between the two at Chicago Rock on St Austin’s Lane.

“After half an hour I knew I was going to stay with this man for the rest of my life. Something just connected straightaway,” she remembered.

Eugenio and Jane, who live in Birchwood with their sons Luca, aged 7, and Joshua, aged 10, will marry at Newchurch Culcheth before moving to the Black Swan in Hollins Green.

Eugenio added: “It was a surprise to find out that the wedding and match would fall on the same day but I feel double excited now as it will be an amazing day.”

Eugenio: England 1 -1 Italy
Jane: England 2 - 1 Italy