NORTH West Ambulance Service Trust is ‘living in cloud-cuckoo land’ says Helen Jones MP.

The Warrington North MP slammed the agency after it sent out a letter explaining its five year plan.

Mrs Jones said: “This letter talks about a ‘good to great’ engagement programme and says that our ambulance service is good but aspires to be great.

“This is absolute rubbish. They are living in cloud-cuckoo land. Median response times for emergency cases are rising, we are threatened with the loss of an ambulance in Warrington and yet the trust has underspent its budget.

“What kind of planet are these people living on? Instead of producing Soviet style five year plans which, like most five year plans will never be fulfilled, why don’t they concentrate on delivering a decent service now.

“It is not good enough that people are waiting longer for emergency ambulances. It’s not good enough that they are planning to reduce the number of ambulances in Warrington.

“Give our great ambulance staff the tools they need to deliver a good service to patients instead of spending time producing rubbish telling us they aim to “cause no harm”.

“I’ve never met a paramedic who wanted to cause harm so we don’t need a plan for that. We need a plan to improve ambulance response times in the borough.“