HE was tasked with the challenge of picking up the pieces following the suspension of the school’s head teacher last year.

But, one year on, executive principal Tarun Kapur believes that Lymm High School is back on track.

The former Birchwood and Great Sankey High School teacher said: “A sign of a good school is when attendance increases, staff absence is low other than for serious issues and retention of staff is good and this is the case now.

“We have got normal staff turnover this year and the people who are going in the main are going for promoted positions.”

The school on Oughtrington Lane fell under scrutiny from concerned parents last year after Angela Walsh, who resigned from the post the following April, was suspended pending a further investigation.

But Mr Kapur, who is currently chief executive and academy principal of the Dean Trust, comprising of Ashton on Mersey and Broadoak Secondary Schools, said the school is now moving in the right direction.

Under his leadership, the school was graded as good by Ofsted after inspectors visited the school in December.

Mr Kapur, who expects this year’s results to be better than last year, said: “It was relaxed when Ofsted came because everyone was prepared like they are prepared for every day.

“We have a strap line here and it’s called GBH – good by habit. My view is that you shouldn’t be ready for Ofsted. You should be ready for every day.

“It’s about making sure we do a good job. People weren’t happy last year because the school wasn’t a success. Whereas they are much happier now as they feel as if they are going in the right direction.”

Despite fears that Ofsted would place the school in special measures if they visited the school at the start of September, Mr Kapur said he had no concerns when Oftsted eventually dropped by in December.

He puts this down to the dedicated team of staff he is surrounded with and their commitment to improving the school for the better.