HELEN Jones MP has criticised the Government’s plan for the year after details were unveiled in the Queen’s Speech.

The Warrington North MP said it was ‘thin on ides, thin on ambition and thin on policies’.

The Labour politician said: “This was an opportunity missed. Instead of setting out a clear direction for the country the government have produced a Queen’s Speech thin on ideas, ambition and policy.

“After four years in government the Tory Lib Dem coalition has run out of steam.

“People here in Warrington tell me that they are concerned about earning enough to make ends meet, paying their energy bills, getting on the housing ladder and affording decent childcare. The Queen’s Speech fails to deal with these issues. People deserve better.

“Labour would make work pay by rewarding hard work with a higher minimum wage, freeze energy bills until 2017 while we reform the energy market, build much needed homes and stop local workers’ wages being undercut by banning recruitment agencies that only use overseas workers.

“Britain needs a change of direction and the Queen’s Speech fails to meet that challenge.“