SEVERE weather conditions are expected to hit Warrington tomorrow.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning as thunder storms and heavy rain are predicted to be heading for the north west with more than an inch of rain expected to fall in some areas within a matter of hours.

The yellow warning means there is a moderate risk of some damage to infrastructure and local disruption.

Forecasters are advising people to take care tomorrow and to be aware of potential flooding.

Thunder storms are expected to reach the north west tonight at 12am with heavy rain battering parts of England, Wales and southern Scotland during the early hours of the morning.

A spokesman said: “The public should be aware of the potential for localised flooding due to the intensity of the downpours although the location of the heaviest rainfall remains uncertain.” 

The chief forecaster’s assessment said: “Warm, humid air will be pulled northwards from France and Spain late on Friday and during Saturday.

“Within this air mass, there is an increasing likelihood of heavy, thundery downpours breaking out.

"It is likely that many places within the current broad warning area will miss the worst of the storms but where they occur they could produce in excess of 20mm of rain in an hour, with one or two places seeing more than 40mm within two or three hours, with localised flooding a possibility.”

The weather should settle down on Sunday with light showers and highs of 20 degrees expected for the Race for Life at Pennington Flash.