IN the last five years in Cheshire, the arrest rate for 10 to 17 year-olds has dropped by almost 50 per cent, a recent report has revealed.

New figures released by both the Howard League for Penal Reform and Office of National Statistics reveal that in 2008, 2,537 10 to 17 year-olds were arrested, this figure has dropped by more than 1,200, by 2013 to 1,269 arrests.

The Howard League Report highlights the work being done in relation to young people getting arrested and offending for the first time.

It observes alternate courses of action such as restorative justice that the police can take during an investigation if the power of arrest wasn’t appropriate.

Youth ambassador for Cheshire, Dominic Rogers said: "I’ve had the opportunity to witness restorative justice take place.

Restorative justice can give the victim the chance to tell the offender exactly how their actions made the victim feel.

“This is beneficial because it lets the offender see first-hand the devastating impact their actions have had."

The Office of National Statistics report also included a crime survey of England and Wales data which focuses on young people’s perceptions of the police.

Dominic added: “Our positive perceptions are higher in Cheshire than the national average and this is due to hard work conducted by the constabulary to continually improve their relationship with young people."