TWO brothers have conquered Hadrian’s Wall after suffering the shock of losing their dad six days after he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Doctors with 20 years experience said they had never before seen such an aggressive cancer which claimed the life of 58-year-old family man Dave Kenwright in February this year.

His sons Liam Kenwright, Peter Woodward and brother-in-law Rob Harper were joined by a group of eight to raise cash for Cancer Research in memory of the Manchester United fan who they describe as having an infectious laugh and always warm and welcoming.

Son Liam added: “He was one of the healthiest men I knew so it was a massive shock.

“He had a pain in his side and wanted to get it checked out then within six days of him being diagnosed with cancer we had lost him.

“You would hear him before you saw him and he was the life and soul of the party.

“He was a once in a lifetime kind of bloke.”

The 23-year-old said the group had been looking for a tough challenge in memory of the Orford granddad when they spotted the 86-mile journey across the country along Hadrian’s Wall.

Covering more than 25 miles a day, the group completed the distance over four days at the weekend carrying camping gear and all their supplies along the way.

Liam added: “Our dad would have been made up with us if he was here, especially as we have been doing it in his memory for charity.

“He would do anything to help people and would have been all for what we did.

"It was a lot harder than we thought but I took my dad’s iPod and listening to his songs gave me the motivation I needed when it got tough.

"It was emotionally and physically draining but it was a brilliant feeling when we all crossed the finish line."

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