COURAGEOUS, inspirational and ‘One amazing lady’ is just some of the ways readers have described a Penketh mum after she revealed the trauma of recovering from a horrific car crash nearly three months ago.

Warrington Guardian blogger Mel O’Neill said she has been stunned by the response her latest post received online this week after gaining more than 1,000 likes on Facebook and numerous comments from well-wishers.

The 40-year-old superwoman added the support had given her a boost as she currently battles serious head injuries and inflammatory breast cancer which she was diagnosed with three years ago.

The mum to Lois, aged eight and Darcey, aged seven, said: “It’s been unbelievable as I thought everyone had forgotten about me.

“I wanted to write the blog as I think sometimes people think everything goes back to normal once you come out of hospital but that’s not the case.”

Hairdresser Mel had to be airlifted to hospital on March 14 after her dad Brian Chilton, aged 75, passed out at the wheel during a trip in Conwy in North Wales causing the vehicle to slam into a tree.

The impact threw the make up artist from the back seat of the car to nearly out through the front window and doctors had to fight to save her life after she stopped breathing, suffered a seizure and had two bleeds on the brain.

Her head injuries have affected her memory, speech and co-ordination but after spending nearly a month in hospital both Brian and Mel are now recovering at home.

Mel, who owns O’Neills salon with husband Carl, added: “It’s all just a story to me as I don’t remember anything about the crash or most of my time in hospital.

“I have up and down days as I can’t drive so I can’t take my children to school and things that used to take me five minutes now can take more than an hour.

“But then people say to me I must have survived for a reason.

“My phone has been non-stop since I wrote the blog and seeing so many people sending messages of support who I don’t even know is a real boost and made me happier.”

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