CHESHIRE Police have issued a warning for people take action after more than a million computers worldwide were infected by two forms of malicious software.

The first of these, known as Zeus Gameover, P2PZeus or GOZ steals login details for online banking sites, allowing organised crime groups to steal from victims′ accounts.

The second form, CryptoLocker, is used to hold people to ransom. Criminals use the malware to lock the victim′s computer remotely and then demand payment to unlock it.

Police forces in 11 countries, including the UK, have taken part in a joint operation to arrest the people responsible for the malware.

Cheshire police have urged people to update their operating system, install or update anti-virus or security software and use caution before clicking on unsolicited email attachments or hyperlinks
Computer users are also advised to backup copies of their most important files to a non-networked system and to choose a strong password including a combination of numbers, letters and other characters.