WHILE plans are now firmly in place between the council and Peel Ports to help minimise the problems caused by the opening of the swing bridges, traffic congestion continues to cause commuter chaos for drivers travelling in and out of Warrington.

The town is no stranger to a traffic jam and motorists often find themselves caught in gridlock as they try to manoeuvre their way around the roads during rush hour.

Many of the Warrington Guardian readers have registered their annoyance at the town’s traffic problems and have called for answers.

But now readers can put their burning questions on travel and traffic to the council’s transportation service manager.

Steve Hunter, who manages the council’s transportation service, plans, operates and manages the borough’s transport network.

His responsibilities include producing the local transport plan, monitoring traffic flows and congestion, and warning the drivers of incidents on the roads.

The delivery of highway improvements and publicity campaigns to improve traffic management and road safety also falls within Mr Hunter’s remit as well as being responsible for operating council owned off street car parks and the enforcement of parking restrictions in car parks.

He is also in charge of running of ‘socially-necessary’ bus services subsidised by the council and the provision of school bus services for children eligible for free home to school transport, adult social care clients and children with special educational needs.

From concerns over the level of traffic lights in the town to the layout of Bridgefoot, this is your chance to put any questions you may have on the issue of traffic to the council.

Readers have until June 12 to submit their questions by post to Lauren Hirst, Warrington Guardian, The Academy, 138 Bridge Street, Warrington, WA1 2RU or by e-mail to lauren.hirst@nqnw.co.uk or leave them below.

The top 10 questions will be put to Mr Hunter with the answers published later this month.