A BIRCHWOOD psychic has launched her own spiritual services website after years of feeling exploited by global companies.

Greta Henderson hopes to be able to help restore faith in the industry by setting up Lunar Psychics, a website dedicated to helping people find answers while also supporting clients during difficult times.

The 43-year-old said: “I was fed up of being exploited by greedy corporate companies who have no interest in humanity or spirituality.

“At Lunar Psychic, we are not here to rip people off for money, we are here to help. On a daily basis, I see people who need help and have got into debt on a site. More regulations are needed for psychic businesses.”

Greta, who set up the website seven weeks ago, has always shared an interest in paranormal activity but her fascination spiked when she was aged 11 after years of feeling energy around her.

She said: “It got worse when my great-grandma passed away. I was in the first year of seniors and I took her death really badly.

“It started because I wanted it to and I missed her. I wanted to see her and people would say if you can believe you will see. That’s what triggered it with me.”

Since then, Greta has used her psychic abilities to not only help others but to guide her in her own life.

“I had to have my right kidney out in November 2012 and I was really concerned as I just had a feeling like this wasn’t going to go well for me,” remembered Greta.

“Everyone at the hospital was saying I was going to be fine and I would only be in for a couple of days.

“But I went into hospital with a massive suitcase because I felt like I wasn’t going to be out quickly.

“It did go OK but then the surgeon came back to me and I said to him I still have this feeling and about 10 minutes later I suffered a huge internal bleed. I lost 1.5 litres of blood.”

Now, after years of using her psychic powers to work for other companies, Greta has headed out on her own and has launched the website, which allows users to set a credit limit.

She said: “I will not give up my fight to bring people together sceptics and believers in one place genuinely set up to help.”