THE council has said it will ‘vigorously’ defend any appeal to the high court after the owner of the wall of tyres near to the Kingsway Bridge vowed to fight the court ruling.

Peter Astley, assistant director in regulation and protection, said: “Magistrates have affirmed that the decision to issue an enforcement notice requiring the removal of the tyre wall was lawful, and have subsequently dismissed this appeal.

“The council will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the notice is complied with and to ensure that the tyre wall is removed, including vigorously defending any appeal to the higher court.

“The council treats any such unauthorised developments very seriously and this clearly demonstrates that we will do what we can within the laws available to us, taking formal action through the courts if necessary, to resolve this type of situation.”

Patrick Moran, of Glazebrook Lane, was told at Warrington Magistrates Court that he has eight weeks from Wednesday, May 21, to remove the bales of tyres from the land at the junction of Farrell Street and Kingsway North.