MEET the Warrington Hospital team hoping to make present medical problems a thing of the past.

The enthusiastic research and development staff ask patients to help them with a range of studies across a variety of departments in the hope of learning more about a condition and finding answers.

Lynne Connell, stroke research nurse, said: “I think a lot of people can be a bit shocked and surprised when they’re approached by us and think they’re going to be some kind of guinea pig.

“But it’s a big part of hospital care and improving future health and we wouldn’t be where we are without research in the past contributing to future health care.”

Whether it is a study related to oncology, paediatrics, musculoskeletal, cancer or stroke, funding from the North West Coast Local Research Network has helped lead to 707 patients taking part in research at the hospital in the last year.

The team of research nurses, midwives and support staff work across both hospital sites to support consultants currently participating in clinical research and are headed up by the director of research and development, Dr Debashis Mandal, and the research and development manager, Nemonie Marriott.

Patients are never forced into helping the teams, with the amount of patient involvement varying from one visit filling out a questionnaire or a one-off blood test to being monitored over several years, but staff say they often find the patients who do find it very rewarding.

Lindsay Roughley, research midwife, said: “In women’s health and if you’re looking at someone with a history of miscarriages and you’re offering them potential answers they’re often quite keen to help.

“They often tell us they would do anything to help anybody else who has gone through the same thing and help others in the future.”

The group added they all take a lot of pride in their job and it felt nice to be part of something which can make a difference years down the line.

Anyone interested in taking part in a research study can visit and search for research and development, call the research office on 662946 or 275514 or should speak to their consultant.