BEFORE his first birthday, tot Luca Reeson could communicate with his parents that he wanted more milk and that he needed a nappy change.

While most children Luca’s age would use crying as a way to voice their feelings and needs, the youngster, now aged two, was able to use sign language instead.

Mum Nicki, who taught Luca how to sign, said: “I started signing with him when he was four months old and I just introduced him to some of the basics.

“It was a great help for us as he was able to sign for what he wanted. We hope that he will avoid the terrible twos behaviour because he is not frustrated and can tell us what he wants.”

Nicki, who has around 10 years experience in the field, worked for the NHS Warrington's Speech and Language Therapy Service and is now sharing her signing knowledge with others.

The mum of one from Padgate has launched her own sing and sign classes at venues across the town for parents who are keen to give their children a head start in their development and improve their language skills for the future.

“Babies are communicators from birth. Your little one will start to use many gestures as part of their natural speech and language development,” said the 32-year-old.

“Teaching your baby just a few extra signs can really help them to communicate with you - not just their needs but their thoughts and feelings too.”

Nicki holds two types of classes, one for babies from birth to six months and another for babies from six months to two years with both courses lasting between 10 to 11 weeks.

For more information call Nicki on 07852155190 or e-mail