A FAMILY are desperately searching for their missing dog after she disappeared while out walking.

One year old brown (blue) whippet Stella was being walked at Magic Lake, Houghton Green on Tuesday, May 13 at around 6pm when she was lost. It is thought she may have been picked up by a motorist from the motorway verge at Croft, where the slip road from the M62 meets the M6 north.

Owner Lisa Gannon said: “She has never run from us before, she has never even gone out of sight. We have walked her on that field every week since she was a pup. We searched the field and motorway frantically for four hours running around shouting and sobbing then we searched again from 11pm until 4am and have been back every day since looking for her.

“We’ve enlisted the help of friends and neighbours and contacted missing pet groups. All to no avail.”

Stella’s family believe she may have been picked up and mistaken for a stray because of her slight build, but Lisa says: “This isn’t the case – she is a much loved pet. If she has been rescued, thank you, but we need her home with her family who are distraught.”

A reward is offered for Stella’s safe return and any information leading her being reunited with her family. She is microchipped to Richard Brennan.

Lisa added: “She is very friendly but a little shy and has long pointed ears. She loves to run, gets easily cold and needs her coat. We are going out of our minds with worry and just want our girl home.”

If you can help or have any information call Lisa on 07841 586549