STOCKTON Heath Parish Council is calling on scrap dealers to be vigilant as they try and track down thieves who stole signs from Ackers Pit.

The thieves struck overnight on Saturday, May 10, which is also when a male swan and seven eggs from the nest also disappeared.

Residents have been upset after the popular wildlife spot was apparently targeted and the swans and eggs have still to be located.

Clr Graham Roughsedge said: “I went down on Sunday morning and got round to the nest no eggs and a few feathers and that was it.

“The female was swimming on the lake. She can be identified by the ring on her leg.

“Four of the no cycling signs were stolen which is the total number around the pit which were put there by the parish council.

“They might have been taken to a scrap dealer or put in a garage somewhere.

“The parish council notice board which was fastened on to the corner of the house and used for community notices by councillors and community groups has been prised off. It’s all hanging off the side.

“There’s been no sign of that, it’s not in the water or anywhere around the pit so they dragged that somewhere.

“If anybody finds these things we would like to know.

“A lot of people in Stockton Heath are talking about it. Lots of people are down at the pit looking at the empty swan nest.”

If you know anything about the signs contact Cheshire Police on 101 or Stockton Heath Parish Council on 210558.