A GROUP of volunteers dedicated to keeping order in Warrington town centre have been honoured at a Cheshire Police awards ceremony.

Special Sgt Charlie Mills and Special Constables Paul Quayle, Michael Grogan, Sigourney Ridsdale, Scott Smith, Thomas Goulding and Deborah Roberts, received the Special Constabulary Team of the Year award during a ceremony at the force’s Winsford headquarters.

In the past year, they gave up 3,216 hours of their time, helping with events such as Walking Day, Remembrance Sunday, Christmas celebrations on Bridge Street.

They have also been responsible for 87 arrests and 145 arrest assists.

Acting Special Insp Charlie Mills said: "We′re rewarded by every shift we do, every incident we attend, and every member of our community we help, but equally it′s great to know that our NPU Inspector has recognised us for the work we do.”

Specials are volunteers with police powers.