A MYSTERY meeting in a park led to an unusual donation for a Warrington councillor.

When Clr Tony Higgins received an anonymous phone call from a woman asking to meet in Brickfield Park, off Orford Lane, he was a little suspicious.

But when he saw what had been left for him, he was glad he made the effort.

Clr Higgins (LAB - Fairfield and Howley) who has helped clean up the park in recent times, takes up the story.

He said: “When I entered the park at the suggested time I saw a person who appeared to be a young women but not sure as they were quite covered and wearing a hat run away from the picnic tables and leave behind this large picture.

“I was gobsmacked and didn't really know what was going on.

“I then received a call from her to tell me that the picture is a limited edition of just one and that she had given to me to raise funds for Brickfield park and that she had been following the story of my campaign to renovate the park.”

As reported previously in the Guardian, similar pictures have been left in locations across Warrington.

Clr Higgins said he was very thankful for the donation and will auction the picture at the Mayor’s ball.