DAVID Mowat MP has welcomed a new tax cut for people across the town.

The personal allowance for income tax has risen to £10,000 which has seen around 900 people brought out of paying it altogether.

And he highlighted because of tax cuts from the Government, since 2010 the typical taxpayer is now paying £705 less in income tax than they were.

He said: “This tax cut is excellent news for hardworking people in Warrington.

“This is the third time this Government has cut income tax, benefiting 889 people here in Warrington, with 8,836 people now taken out of income tax altogether.

“Cutting taxes is a key part of the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan to build a better future for Britain. These cuts mean 80,583 people are keeping more of the money they’ve worked hard to earn, giving them and their families more financial security for the future.”

Taxes will be cut even further next year when the personal allowance rises again to £10,500, as announced in the 2014 Budget.