BEING a Bollywood star is not all glitz and glamour according to a former zumba instructor from Great Sankey.

Olivia Williams, aged 20, is back home in Warrington after six months of performing in films, music videos and live shows in India but says despite the hard work she is looking forward to jetting off next month to Singapore for another six month contract.

The former employee at the Fit In gym said she had always wanted to go travelling when she picked up her first contract to work in Bollywood and flew out in December last year.

The former Great Sankey High pupil said: “It’s been unbelievable and I’ve been able to work with some of Bollywood’s biggest names.

“It’s insane out there and there’s more movies being filmed than in Hollywood as it’s such a big deal in Mumbai.

“Every day there is something new to take on and you’ll get a call the night before telling you to pack your bags because you’re going to film in Goa for four days.”

The talented model and dancer has so far appeared in famous singer Yo Yo Honey Singh latest music video, Bollywood blockbuster Happy New Year and Bollywood’s version of Big Brother, Big Boss.

She added: “On set it’s so fast-paced and the camera man will be hanging from the ceiling getting the best angle with no thought of health and safety.

“It’s not as razzmatazz as it appears on screen and the sets are incredibly creative making somewhere seem really glamorous when it’s not.”

Olivia, who will be performing at the Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore in September, described India as a ‘contrasting’ country and said it can be a culture shock.

She added: “You really appreciate Warrington when you’re home.

“One of my friends said to me ‘Why would you leave a nice civilised country to come to India where people pee and poo on the street?’ “But I feel very at home on screen and dressing up as a different character everyday so in the future I hope to carry on doing something creative.”