THERE are certain milestones in a child’s life that a parent will never be able to forget like their first word or their first day at school.

For parents Alexandria Mckenzie and Stephen Royle, their son’s last chemotherapy session this Tuesday will be a bitter sweet moment and one they will never forget after almost nine months of the 20-month-old tot fighting for his life.

Parker Royle, from Great Sankey, who was diagnosed with a rare type of prostate cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma in September, has shown his parents what a true fighter is made of, surprising doctors with his strength, courage and cheeky charm.

Mum Alexandria, aged 29, said: “The ups and downs have been hell. Not knowing if this time could be it, and given all the situations he has been in, it’s an absolute miracle that he’s alive.

“It has been mentally and physically draining. It will take quite a while to get over and repair but the main thing is we did it.”

Since being told the tumour in his prostate was cancerous in October, Parker has undergone 36 chemo sessions, 13 operations, eight blood and nine platelet transfusions.

This is before you start to count the intense radiotherapy, catheter insertions and the emergency visits to intensive care for kidney failure, pneumonia, septic shock and bladder spasms.

But Alexandria, who described the support from the people of Warrington as ‘unbelievable’, hopes this will be the end of ‘every parents’ living nightmare’.

“I will be so happy to get my baby boy back. To not know if your child will live or die each time you take him for treatment, give him his medication or take him to the hospital with an infection or problem, has been a mental challenge for both Stephen and I,” she said.

Alexandria and Stephen will now have to wait for a MRI scan on June 21 before hearing if their little boy has gone into remission.

“For the next five years, being told there is a one in three chance it will return will be tough but we are planning on making sure life is enjoyed and appreciated and nothing will get us down.”

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