"LABOUR took control of Warrington Borough Council in 2011 but you will never hear the Tories or their Lib Dem bed-fellows admit that we have made many really positive changes to benefit the town.

We reduced the size of their massive management team by 20 per cent, saving taxpayers nearly half a million pounds. Recycling rates are now at record levels but crucially, unlike the previous Tory-Lib Dem coalition who used taxpayers money to pay for the recycled waste to be collected, Labour started selling it earning the council over £1 million.

We kick-started the Omega Park project, big companies are moving in creating up to 4,000 much needed jobs and across Warrington we have seen 2,600 new apprenticeships for young people.

We know housing is a real concern and we are proud that under Labour 1,700 new homes have been built including 586 much needed affordable homes, over 400 empty homes brought back into use and nearly 200 first-time buyers have benefited from our innovative our mortgage deposit scheme.

We’re also investing in Walton Hall and local parks, upgrading 18,000 new street lamps, and putting much more money into local schools.

This has all been achieved despite the fact that Osbourne and Clegg have unfairly taken £83 per head of population from Warrington’s budget whilst at the same time just taking £24 from Tory heartlands like Guildford."