THE congestion problems that plague the town's roads have caused the rush hour commute for many motorists to become a daily nightmare.

Drivers have been voicing their views on the traffic issues that trigger gridlock in the town, forcing the roads to come to a standstill.

Many motorists have registered their annoyance at the amount of traffic lights in the town while others have blamed the layout of Bridgefoot.

On Facebook, Dave Jackson commented that there are ‘too many traffic lights’ in the town and added that ‘the traffic flows better when the lights break down’.

In Warrington, there are 82 traffic signal junctions and 68 pedestrian crossings.

Winwick Road, which has nine sets of traffic signals on Winwick Road from Cromwell Avenue roundabout to Pinners Brow and three pedestrian crossings, was identified by many drivers as one of the main roads for sparking traffic delays.

But on Facebook, Lesley Flannery claims the road works are the main culprit for fuelling the traffic problem.

She added: “I have to travel down the M6 and the bridge works are causing a nightmare. I understand they have to be done but up to two hours each way is no fun.”

The council has confirmed that the speed restrictions on the M6 Thelwall Viaduct due to the road works have added to the town’s congestion chaos but other incidents on the motorways had also impacted on the traffic in the town.

A council spokesman added: “We monitor the Warrington network as a whole via CCTV, automatic number plate registration, and permanent count sites.

“It is under constant review and we make changes as necessary to minimise delays.”

The three swing bridges on the Manchester Ship Canal in Latchford, Stockton Heath and Walton are also known for causing traffic mayhem when opened during rush hour.

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