A CHARITY that provides vital support to veteran’s in Warrington say it has been forced out of town as Warrington Borough Council has ‘turned it back’ on them.

Blue Apple Heroes has now left its home in Woolston, with founder Mark Smith claiming the council has ‘back tracked’ on promises to provide it with a permanent home.

He said: “We are finished in Warrington.

“Warrington Borough Council has gone back on their word.

“They have really used and abused us.

“We have had enough.”

The charity supports veterans and their families with outreach work, finding a home and employment advice.

It was using a warehouse, free of charge, on Tatton Court.

The warehouse provided a place for second hand furniture to be dropped off, and then used to furnish the homes of veterans.

However, that building has now been sold, according to Mr Smith, meaning the service has to move to Liverpool.

Possible locations are currently under consideration.

Mr Smith says the council had agreed to find Blue Apple Heroes, which supports 47 veterans, a permanent base in the town centre.

However, he claims that offer has now been withdrawn. 

A council spokesman said “The council is not involved in or responsible for the sale of the warehouse.

"We have been working with Blue Apple Heroes to find a location and offered a number of options but so far these have been declined by the charity.

"Warrington council has been leading the way across Cheshire to understand and respond to the sacrifice given by military veterans.

"The Council has supported the development of a military veteran forum to ensure that the needs of veterans in Warrington can be heard, understood and met. 

"From this a 'military veterans hub' is currently being established at the Gateway.

"This holistic information and action resource will replace single agency intervention in the town."