A MAN who wielded a bar stool around his head during a pub brawl in Shenanigans claimed he was picked on for being a traveller, a court heard.

Charles Samuel Smith, aged 21, of Bigfield Lodge, Warrington Road, Runcorn, punched another man to the face and kicked him while he lay on the floor The incident happened in, and outside, of the Irish bar on Bridge Street.

Smith claimed to police he and his cousins, all involved in the fight, had been targeted by bouncers, and other pub-goers, ‘for being travellers’.

Halton Magistrates Court heard on Monday how the scrap erupted in the early hours of Saturday, April 19.

Sarah Gray, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was on a night out in Warrington town centre.

“He was in Shenanigans.

“There was an altercation within with door staff and individuals the defendant was on a night out with.

“He moved from his position at the bar, brandishing a bar stool above his head and swinging it around.

“He pushed out onto Bridge Street and another man aimed a punch at the group the defendant was with.

“This defendant has punched that male to the head and kicked him to the face while he was on the floor.”

Hannah Youren, defending, said Smith was acting in self defence, before his actions went ‘too far’.

She said bouncers were ‘kicking and punching’ the defendant’s cousins, causing him to react.

“Because they were travellers, everyone turned on them," said Ms Youren.

“He says he picked up the bar stool because he feared for his safety, and the safety of his cousins.

“He realises that probably wasn’t the best thing to do.”

She added the other man involved in fighting Smith, spat at Cheshire Police officers and urinated in a police van following the incident.

The defendant has previous convictions for assault and public order.

Magistrates asked for reports to be carried out before passing sentence.