A DISGRUNTLED customer has decided to strike back at bad service and is calling on support for his two petitions.

Rob Sutton, aged 38, created two online campaigns to hold energy companies to account for poor service for customers.

And the business continuity manager also believes companies should only be allowed to use British in their title should they offer outstanding service.

Rob, of Winmarleigh Street, said: “It started before Christmas when I moved into my new property and got my first gas bill and it was not more than a week later than when I got an aggressive letter saying you need to pay or they would cut me off from the gas.”

His details were then passed to a debt collection agency who hounded him for three weeks, despite him agreeing repayment with the company.

“In the process of looking at switching I was looking at consumer ratings and I noticed the between the big six the best any of them had was 45 per cent,” added Rob. “If it’s only 45 per cent it means 55 per cent are unhappy those companies are getting away with it.”

So he decided to set up the online petitions.

Rob said: “We are paying a premium for them so they should offer a premium service.

“Other sectors like water are heavily regulated and regulators have the powers to say your service isn’t good enough so you cannot charge as much or if your service is good you can charge more.

“I think it needs something like that in the energy sector as they aren’t being held accountable.

And he decided to take his annoyance further by calling on a licence for any business to be allowed to use ‘British’ in its title.

He added: “I’m not racist, I have now bad blood but I think anyone using British in their title should be showing a certain standard to use our name.”

Although the numbers are not very high at the moment Rob is hoping to get more publicity for his campaign.

To sign the petitions visit epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/64429 and epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/64471.