MEET the three generations of the same family all playing netball during the 50th anniversary year of the Warrington league.

Lorna Carson, daughter Vicky Mahmoud and Lorna’s granddaughter Caitlin Roblin, aged 11, have all been bitten by the netball bug and regularly play for Warrington Town.

Lorna, who is soon to be a grandma of 10 and currently recovering from a knee injury, said: “I’ve been told no more netball but I’ve told the doctors ‘We’ll see about that’.

“Netball always came first for me as a kid and something I’m still really passionate about.

“It’s a big part of my life and if you’re going through a rough time all the girls pull together and get you through it.”

Lorna, aged 57, and Vicky, aged 34, are no strangers to appearing in the Warrington Guardian after competing in the annual Pontins netball tournament when Vicky was aged 13 and both collecting player of the tournament for their respective teams.

Since then Lorna has seen plenty of highs and lows during her time as a player, coach and former chairman of the league.

Lorna, who juggles coaching youngsters around her role in the medical engineering department at Warrington Hospital, added: “It was amazing we both got player of the tournament and I was made up for Vicky because she had only just started playing.

“I’ve been playing since before Vicky was born and it’s definitely got a lot more competitive now and there are a lot more teams.

“I’ve seen the adult league change and grow too and it’s really good it’s been kept going through the hard times.”

Lorna added the league has struggled in the past financially as well as finding suitable venues with more than two courts but with women joining teams every week it currently appears to be going from strength to strength.

The Westbrook mum added: “There’s a lot more England and super league netball games televised now which is helping to get more girls into the sport.

“I would say to anyone unsure to get out there as there are lots of clubs in Warrington and it’s great for keeping fit as well as being a sociable game.”