A MALE swan and seven eggs have disappeared overnight from Ackers Pit.

Regulars to the area have seen the swan pair nesting with their eggs over the past month.

But on Sunday morning only the female swan could be found with the nest empty in an apparent raid on the birds.

Carolyn Moston, who her and husband Darren visit the pair almost daily, said: "The female had been sat on them for 40 days and they were due to hatch any day.

"We were there on Saturday afternoon amd they were there then but on Sunday the next was completely empty and it looked like the nest hadn't been disturbed. 

"The nest itself is still there and there are no feathers or egg shells, they have just completely gone.

"The female is just swimming around looking for them.

"Metal signs have also gone from around the site.

"We thought maybe the swan had been attacked by a dog so we contacted the RSPCA and they said no one had been out to them."

The swans have made Ackers Pit their home for the past six years.