DAVID Mowat has moved out of Warrington in what his Labour rival is calling a ‘shameful’ decision.

The Warrington South MP told the Warrington Guardian he has moved to Macclesfield and that many MPs do not live within the constituency they represent.

He had lived in Higher Walton.

Mr Mowat said: "I moved to the next-door constituency 2 years ago because of family commitments. This was recorded on the Electoral Roll in 2012

"However, I am quite happy for people to assess my "commitment" to Warrington.

"Perhaps they could ask one of the 200 people from the Borough who have been helped to find work and support their families through the Jobs Club which I have supported for the past five years.

"Or perhaps they could ask one of the 850 people who attended the annual Jobs Fair that I organised in February to help local people meet local employers.

"Since I've been the MP here I've successfully lobbied for more cash for our NHS, better broadband in Chapelford and new flood defences to help protect homes and businesses. I've also held 1,000 advice surgeries with constituents around the town.

"During the same period, all the Labour party has done is to take pictures of themselves waving placards in the town centre.

"People in Warrington deserve an MP who works hard for them - that's what I've done for the past four years and what I will continue to do, if reelected, in 2015."

His predecessor Helen Southworth lived in St Helens when she represented the town until 2010.

Nick Bent, who will stand for Labour in the seat at the General Election next year and lives in Great Sankey, said ‘Warrington is my home and I am here to stay’.

He added: “It is shameful that, having told voters he lived in Warrington, the Tory MP has secretly moved out, and the Lib Dems don’t even have a parliamentary candidate, so both coalition parties have turned their backs on local people.”

The row comes a year out from the General Election with Warrington South likely to be one of the most hotly contested seats.

Mr Mowat polled around 1,500 more votes than Mr Bent four years ago.

The Liberal Democrats had high hopes of surprising both in 2010 but Jo Crotty came a distant third, more than 4,500 votes behind.

She hopes to be elected to the European Parliament later this month having disappeared off the political spectrum in the years since.

The Lib Dems currently do not have a candidate for the seat.