PARENTS at St Andrew’s Primary School have hit out at Warrington Borough Council for failing to tell them a head teacher has been suspended.

As revealed in the Warrington Guardian, Keith Cahillane has been removed from the Orford primary ‘without prejudice’ while an investigation is carried out.

Parents with children at the school on Mardale Avenue say they should have been informed of the suspension.

Pupils were sent home with a letter on Thursday evening, following the report in the Warrington Guardian.

Kelly Williams, whose four-year-old daughter is at St Andrew’s, says parents are ‘angry’ over being left in the dark.

The Orford resident said: “We shouldn’t have to find this out on Facebook.

“My daughter goes to the school and we should have been the first ones told about what’s going on.

“The schools could have said there’s nothing to worry about, but kept us informed, rather than relying on rumours.

“The head teacher seems like a really nice person and he seemed to turn the school around.

“The worst part is not being told.”

Other parents reacted to the news on the Warrington Guardian Facebook page.

Debi Healey said: “It's the way we've found out that's annoyed us.”

Emma Thornton said: “Never got a letter just found out on Facebook, which I find funny as the school tell us not to put things on it, and to discuss it with them first.

Stuart White said: “My child goes to this school and we are fuming how this as come out.”

Other parents supported Mr Cahillane, calling him a ‘good head teacher’ who has the ‘respect of children’.

Warrington Borough Council has not disclosed reasons for the suspension. It is considered an automatic measure and not an indication of wrongdoing.

A spokesman for the council said: “The council and the school would always want to balance reassurance to parents and carers regarding their children’s education with respect for the rights of the individual employees involved.

“With regard to a matter such as suspension, where internal procedures are being followed, a school will therefore inform and update parents and carers as it considers appropriate.

“The decision to suspend a member of staff creates the opportunity to fully explore the issues and so it has to be managed carefully to avoid inaccurate or misleading speculation.”