AN ORFORD mum says her baby is ill because dead rats are rotting in the walls of their family home.

Lindsey Wilkinson has reported the problem to Your Housing, which owns the property.

The vermin are getting in through holes in the structure of the house that need fixing, and she says repairs have been requested for weeks.

A private pest control firm has treated the property with rat poison, meaning the dead animals are causing a stench and attracting flies.

The mum-of-one said son Tommy, aged 19 months, has suffered two viral infections since a complaint was first made over the issue last month.

She said: “Apparently the viral infections could be linked to the rats.

“He has not been feeling well and his whole routine has been messed up.

“Tommy usually goes to bed at 7.30pm, but he can’t sleep in his room as the dead rats have attracted lots of flies because it stinks.

“He’s sleeping in a cot in a different room.”

Your Housing is one of the UK’s largest housing groups, after a merger between Harvest Housing Group and Arena Housing, with a portfolio of 32,000 homes.

A spokesman said it had covered the cost of the pest control visit, with further work planned.

“Pest control falls under the remit of environmental health.

“Given the resident’s circumstances Your Housing Group has instructed a contractor to visit her property, of which it will meet the charge.

“In addition, a further job has been raised to infill holes at the property.”

Ms Wilkson, whose partner Callum Finney also lives at the address, criticised the response.

She added: “Your Housing are just not interested.

“They say they have booked in an emergency appointment but aren’t coming out to fill in the holes until May 13.

“Pest control have been out and found several holes where rats are getting in, and you can hear them scratching around.

“If anymore get in I’m back to square one.”