CREATING jobs, apprenticeships and removing zero hours contracts are all part of Labour’s plan to get the country working.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper helped to push the party’s plan for prosperity on a visit to see the apprenticeship scheme at Fujitsu in Birchwood with Warrington North MP Helen Jones.

And she spoke to apprentices from the town who are working with the global computing giant.

James Hopper, aged 21, told her: “For me university never interested me because I preferred doing something rather than studying.”

Chloe Freeman, aged 19, added: “It was really easy to find out about the roles here. They phoned a few days later and that’s how I got a place here.”

Ms Cooper said: “Apprenticeships are really important, we want to see a bigger investment in vocational help.

“To give young people the best start in life is really important and this is a really big thing for the Labour Party. We want to see a big growth in apprenticeships.

“What about all those people who don’t want to go to university but need a big start to life. We need to take vocational training more seriously.

“For a lot of people that means getting an apprenticeship and work and learn at the same time.

“For young people it’s important for their future. It gets them a good step on the ladder.

“It’s also about creating jobs and removing zero hour contracts.”

While on her visit she also questioned the fall in police officer numbers in Cheshire.

“We have said from the start the Government had gone too far too fast with the cuts in policing.

“We are seeing neighbourhood policing being undermined and specialist teams in matters like domestic violence being cut.

“Police are doing a good job in difficult circumstances.

“It’s not fair on victims.”

Ms Jones added: “Our police do a fantastic job, I have nothing but praise for them and they make a real difference but we are seeing those police being affected.