A NEW river crossing could be on the cards for Warrington to help tackle growing congestion in the borough.

The town has long suffered from delays, especially catching out those trying to travel from north west of the town centre down to the south and vice versa.

With the increase in use of the Manchester Ship Canal by Peel Ports it has also seen traffic build up as the bridges swing during peak times to allow the ships to pass through.

And when the second Mersey crossing is opened in Halton with tolls expected for both that road and the Runcorn Bridge there are concerns it will only cause more problems.

But at the Warrington Property Review council leader Clr Terry O’Neill voiced his hope of creating a second high level crossing to combat the problems.

He said: “I’m hoping for a second high level crossing from Arpley Meadows to Sankey Way.”

The new crossing could be tied in as part of a new masterplan for the waterfront, which work is about to start on in the coming months.