A TYRE wall, which sparked outrage from residents after it was built, has now been defaced by vandals with a message of support for The UK Independence Party.

A graffiti message has recently been scrawled onto the tyres, urging onlookers to vote for the Eurosceptic party.

Mike Hannon, deputy leader of Warrington Borough Council, has called for action, describing the situation as an ‘embarrassment’.

He said: “Apart from the long embarrassment of these tyres, we now have political graffiti on the tyres. I would expect any political party including my own to be prosecuted.”

Chairman of UKIP James Ashington has blasted the actions of those involved.

He said: “We do not condone the defacement of public property. This is not the kind of publicity we want. We do not need to deface public property to make any political points.”

The council is currently taking legal action against the owner of the tyre wall, over claims he did not seek planning permission.

But owner, Patrick Moran, of Glazebrook Lane, is fighting the council’s demands to remove the bales of used tyres from the land near to the junction on Farrell Street and Kingsway North.

An appeal date has been set for May 21 at Warrington Magistrates Court.

A council spokesman said: “We cannot take action for graffiti and cannot clear any graffiti on private land unless it is deemed in law to be offensive.

“We are currently taking legal action for the removal of the tyre wall and will continue to take strict action where any advertisements are applied to the wall."