THE full list of candidates for the council elections on May 22 has been released.

And Labour and the Conservative Party are the only political parties to be fielding candidates for each of the 19 seats up for grabs on the council in the vote in three weeks time.

UKIP has 14 potential councillors hoping to pick up its first place in the Town Hall while the Liberal Democrats will stand in all wards except Penketh and Cuerdley and will hope to stem the tide of losses in recent years.

The Green Party will field five candidates in this year’s ballot and in Whittle Hall Adam Hemsley will stand under the banner of Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts - a group which is opposed to cuts being made by the Coalition Government.

Stepping down from life in the council chamber this year include Conservative stalwart and Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft Clr Les Hoyle.

New Labour face Linda Ollerton will stand in Westbrook after current Labour Clr Jan Davidson was deselected.

Trudi Wood will be stepping down for the Liberal Democrats in Great Sankey North with former Lib Dem councillor Roy Smith standing in her place.

Labour’s Kelly Simcock is also leaving her post as an Orford councillor with Kerri Morris hoping to make it a family affair as a joint councillor with her mum and dad Clrs Mike and Kate Hannon.

In Poulton South Labour’s Lottie Ladbury had already stepped down and Labour have put forward Maureen Creaghan in the vacant post.

Two parish council elections will also take place on the day with the seat of Locking Woods available in the Birchwood Town Council vote and the East ward at Woolston Parish Council also going to public vote.

Council leader Clr Terry O’Neill said: “I think we have a field of excellent candidates and they are well versed in what their communities need. I’m expecting us to get an increased majority this year.”

Lib Dem group leader Clr Ian Marks said: “Our vision is for a better Warrington that is ambitious, active and aspirational. We believe in ‘One Warrington’ with fairness across the town.”

Conservative group leader Clr Paul Kennedy said: “We have an excellent team of candidates and I look forward to being joined by many of them after the elections in May.”

It is not just the vote for seats at the Town Hall taking place in three weeks time.

The European Parliamentary Elections are being held in the UK on May 22 and there are eleven political parties contesting the vote.

The north west will choose eight MEPs in the vote which will be decided in the count on Sunday, May 25 as polls close across the continent.

The full list of candiates are listed below (* denotes the current councillor in that ward)


Andy Davidson - Labour Party

Pete Kennedy - Green Party

Jonathan Levy - Conservative Party

Judith Wheeler - Liberal Democrats

Bewsey and Whitecross

Mike Foxall - Conservative Party

Bob Timmis - Liberal Democrats

Pat Wright - Labour Party*


Nigel Balding - Conservative Party

Russ Bowden - Labour Party*

Chris Oliver - Liberal Democrats

Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft

Paul Campbell - Conservative Party

Merril Cummerson - Liberal Democrats

Beverley Fairfoull - UK Independence Party

Matt Smith - Labour Party

Fairfield and Howley

Helena Campbell - Conservative Party

Peter Carey - Labour Party*

Phillip Henshaw - UK Independence Party

Lydnsay McAteer - Green Party

Margaret Ann Oldbury - Liberal Democrats

Grappenhall and Thelwall

Andrew Fairfoull - UK Independence Party

Thomas Jennings - Labour Party

Wendy Johnson - Liberal Democrats*

Stephen Taylor - Conservative Party

Robin Wilson - Green Party

Great Sankey North

Stephanie Davies - Green Party

Andy Heaver - Labour Party

Mal Lingley - UK Independence Party

David McNeilage - Conservative Party

Roy Smith - Liberal Democrats

Great Sankey South

Roger Cawthorne - Conservative Party

Hitesh Patel - Labour Party*

Kevin Reynolds - Liberal Democrats

Latchford East

Timothy Price - Liberal Democrats

Harish Sharma - Conservative Party

Sid Simmons - UK Independence Party

Steve Wright - Labour and Co-operative Party*

Latchford West

Ged Hall - UK Independence Party

Phil Marshall - Conservative Party

Les Morgan - Labour Party

Ann Raymond - Liberal Democrats

Michael Smith - Green Party


James Ashington - UK Independence Party

Bob Barr - Liberal Democrats*

Kath Buckley - Conservative Party

Sean Chapman - Labour Party


Edgar John Davies - Liberal Democrats

Simone Johnson - Conservative Party

Kerri Louise Morris - Labour Party

Ian Richards - UK Independence Party

Penketh and Cuerdley

Sam Baxter - Conservative Party

David Keane - Labour Party*

Bev Stein - UK Independence Party

Poplars and Hulme

Frank Allen - Conservative Party

Iona Gillis - Liberal Democrats

John Kerr-Brown - Labour Party*

Trevor Nicholls - UK Independence Party

Poulton North 

David Bennett - UK Independence Party

Jeff Butler - Liberal Democrats

Mark Chapman - Conservative Party

Geoff Settle - Labour Party*

Poulton South

Sandra Bradshaw - Liberal Democrats

Maureen Creaghan - Labour Party

Michael Johnson - Uk Independence Party

Howard Klein - Conservative Party

Rixton and Woolston

Bill Brinksman - Labour Party*

Ben Eccleston - Conservative Party

Diana Grylls - Liberal Democrats

Geoff Siddall - UK Independence Party


Derek Clark - UK Independence Party

Matt Jones - Conservative Party

Stefan Krizanac - Liberal Democrats

Linda Ollerton - Labour Party

Whittle Hall

Julian Craddock - Conservative Party

Keith Gleave - Liberal Democrats*

Adam Hemsley - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

Karen Mundry - Labour Party